Conte jeans collections offer legendary styles, carefully designed cuts with body shaping effects and a whole new level of comfort that you can feel from the moment you try them on.

We have created this guide so that you can choose your perfect model in a few clicks. We hope the new jeans will win your heart, even if you've never been truly in love with denim.

Denim Guide
Длинные ноги
Стройный силуэт
Соблазнительные формы
Желаемый эффект
Comfortable fit
Curvy shapes
Slim figure
Long legs
Desired effect
Size Chart
Height 164 cm
Height 170 cm
We recommend taking a look at the special icons that can be found on the jeans label.

Basic rules:
• sort the jeans by color;
• fasten the zipper/buttons and turn the jeans inside out;
• use delicate wash cycle
• iron the jeans on the reverse side, observing the specified temperature mode.

Do not bleach
Maximum temperature - 30°C
No dry clean
Drip line drying, no wringing
Do not tumble dry
Iron at maximum sole plate temperature 110 °C
Body shape
Inverted triangle
"Pear" is a type of body that is characterized by voluminous hips, a pronounced thin waist and narrow shoulders.
Goal: to distract attention from the voluminous hips, balancing the figure.
Jeans CON-406
Jeans CON-419
Jeans CON-448
Jeans CON-407
"Hourglass" is a universal body type with a narrow waist and proportional volumes of shoulders and hips.
Goal: to emphasize the waist, maintaining the proportions of the body with a high fit.
Jeans CON-441
Jeans CON-436
Jeans CON-435
Jeans CON-445
"Rectangle" is a type of body with approximately the same width of hips, shoulders, and waist.
Goal: to visually create a waistline, modeling the silhouette.
Jeans CON-441
Jeans CON-396
Jeans CON-406
Jeans CON-448
"Apple" is a type of body with slim legs, narrow hips, a voluminous top and a wide waist.
Goal: to accentuate the legs and achieve a balance between a voluminous top and a narrow bottom.
Jeans CON-419
Jeans CON-400
Jeans CON-438
Jeans CON-412
"Inverted triangle" is a type of body with broad shoulders, not pronounced waist and narrow hips.
Goal: to make a balanced figure by adding the necessary volume to the legs.
Jeans CON-405
Jeans CON-402
Jeans CON-413
Jeans CON-423
Black jeans
Raw edge jeans
Colorful jeans
Shortened jeans
Leather imitation
Vintage look
Plus Size
White jeans
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